作品名 Peter Wentworth, Battle for Torifujiograd, Christmas Day, 25 Dec., 2884
by Lin.K

Ma.KのエクスポではSie Kommenジオラマも含めて全体の複雑さにこだわったので、今回は一つの模型のみ作り主に塗装を中心として細かい部分の仕上がりに力を入れました。
From the complexity of my last project, the Sie Kommen Diorama, I wanted to scale back and concentrate more on one simple piece to improve my intensity of detail painting. I wanted to paint a basic figure, in this case a Polar Bear, with a complicated scheme with the best of my ability and use all of the techniques and skills I have learnt in my figure painting and Maschinen modeling career. The concept is an early winter camouflage scheme operating in an area before snows have really started falling so there is a great deal of dirt and mud in the environment. So a nice color gradient from white to dark brown off-set with blue markings. Starting with Lacquer paints, I built up the base colors moving from dark red browns, to greens to finally off-white and white, then layered enamel paints and finally acrylics on the brightest highlights to the top of the figure to achieve a zenithal light source. Color filters have been applied with grays, blues, yellows and browns, pin-washes of grey, browns and black brown have been applied to accentuate details and then oil paints were used for further colorations. Lastly pigments and gouache paints for further layers, color modification and details have been added. Throughout this process of adding color to the model, I have been mindful to use these processes to weather, age and damage the finish and to simulate paint chipping, rust, dirt, oil and so on as well as keeping harmony with the light sources effect. It's a very complicated finish for me and I tried as best to fit as many kinds of techniques and processes into a small area without overloading the essence of the beauty of the figure itself, the AFS Polar Bear.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I am overall completely thrilled with the paint work on these models. They spring to life!
Very impressive model. Excellent paint work and weathering. The tonal variations make this model very interesting and pleasing to look at. The greens and browns bland in nicely, but it still looks like a winter camo. The face has a lot of character and is very well painted. The close up of the hand and the face really sell the model.
I really love the way these models are painted and photograph

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